EBEL Sport Classic Lady AN ICON AWAKES

This year EBEL celebrates its heritage with a resolutely 21st century iteration of the 1977 EBEL Sport Classic that was to define its identity and take the brand’s hallmark of consistent excellence and inventive sophistication to new heights.

A breakthrough in design and function that marked the beginning of the sport chic category, with its inimitable Wave bracelet and fully integrated case, the groundbreaking Sport Classic line represented the birth of the hero product concept.

The EBEL Sport Classic Lady once again features a timeless design embodying the very soul of style, featuring a gleaming white mother-of-pearl dial. With elegantly thin geometric features crafted in the pursuit of a perfect, flawless shape, the 2017 EBEL Sport Classic Lady retains the tapered links and flat surface of the trademark wave bracelet as a salute to the original Sport Classic model and its signature flexibility, while the new wave shape is more elegantly pronounced.


Bringing a historic design classic firmly into the 21st century, the 2017 EBEL Sport Classic Lady is a perfect representation of the trademark duality of beauty and function that is the cornerstone of EBEL’s founding philosophy.